A well-thought investment program available for everyone. Just register in the program, credit your account and start receiving your first dividends in 24 hours.

Affiliate program

Become a Synergy Invest partner and receive a 5% award for every new customer you bring.

Team of experts

A professional team of experts is at your service. Our specialists many years experience allows to analyze and control the risks multiplying our customers’ capital.


Safe and proven account crediting methods for our system. Dedicated server, SSL-encryption and DDOS protection.

Standard Plan

36% Hourly For 4 Hours
min $10 - max $4,999
+10% bonus to first deposit

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Advanced Plan

58% Hourly For 4 Hours
min $50 - max $14,999
+10% bonus to first deposit

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Professional Plan

112% Hourly For 4 Hours
min $100 - max $30,000
+10% bonus to first deposit

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Welcome to ArdentCapital

FalconTrade Head Company offers a chance to multiply your capital and receive high interest with the minimum risk. ArdentCapital was created as the result of combining the experience and knowledge of a group of financial market and investment specialists. All the investors’ funds are forwarded to the yielding Forex, exchange commerce and Internet projects. Thus, our company’s substantial income is formed and the investors receive their high interest. The risk is minimal due to the well-thought assessment of every project and funds deposition. While managing our investors’ funds, we pay the greatest attention to investment safety, profitability, minimal risks and stability. Our specialists long-term experience allows to analyze and control risks to the highest standards and multiply our customers’ capitals. Our interests agree with yours.’ income is formed as a part of the investor’s income. We contribute a lot of professional knowledge and experience to achieve the best result.

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FalconArdentCapitalTrade : Lottery will be Start at 27/08/21 (Only Active Member)



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